MLH conference

“I'm Different, do not let that scare you” (Paracelsus)

Alchemy is too often depicted as the work of dreamers and pseudo-scientists, alchemy, however arose at the awakening of human thinking.
Alchemy is the knowledge, hidden and visible, of the transformation and transmutation of man, what is symbolized by the transformation of the Prima Materia to the Alchemical Gold.

The Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life that makes immortal, the making of Gold, the Emerald Table, ...
Who were these Alchemists, and what influence did they ultimately have on science?
What about people like John Dee, Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, CG Jung?

Target audience:
anyone who is interested in history, Hermetic Philosophy, symbolism, esotericism.
No prior knowledge of one of these topics is required.


Duration of this lecture:
about 2 hours, afterwards the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.


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Giordano Bruno