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"Ask and you will get. Search and you will find. Knock and you will be opened." (Matheus 7:7)

Freemasonry, a concept that evokes other meanings and associations for each of us.
But what is Freemasonry actually?

Freemasonry is described as an initiatic Order. The "initiation" refers to a universal and age-old practice that consists of a personal and gradual learning process that is passed on by other insiders and through a proven methodology.

Freemasonry encourages personal perfection that is a continuous process in time and space and is based on the means and values transferred from one generation to another. Its foundations go back to a distant past that the modern freemason wants to perpetuate by making progress oneself.

(web site Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium)

With this lecture I want to clarify the origins and history of freemasonry, the development of Freemasonry in Belgium and the influence in our society. In addition, I will also go deeper into the symbolism, philosophy and knowledge associated with Freemasonry.

Target audience:
anyone who is interested in history, symbolism, freemasonry, esotericism.
No prior knowledge of one of these topics is required.


Duration of this lecture:
about 2 hours, afterwards the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.


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