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"There are two histories, the official one that hangs from lies, and in addition, the secret history, which tells the true causes of the events." (Honoré de Balzac)

The Templars are the most enigmatic knight-monks order our history ever has known. Around this knight-monk order hang more mysteries than around any other subject our European history.

It is said that they were the most powerful and richest order of the Western world, but how could this be seen their Rule, their promise of poverty and their proper name?
How did they obtain this reputation?
They were so decisive for our European history that we still carry and see their legacy in our culture and our society to this day.

Given the amount of material I have, I divided my original lecture into two parts.
In the first part I talk about the creation, the organization and the fall of the order, and I give a glimps of part two, in which I mainly show what happened after 1314 with the Templars and the mysteries that still hang around this Order.

Target audience:
anyone who is interested in the Templar history, symbolism, esotericism.
No prior knowledge of one of these topics is required.

Program part 1:

Duration of this lecture:
about 2 hours, afterwards the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.


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