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“Here begin the constitutions of the Art of Geometry according to Euclid”
(first sentence from the Regius Poem - 13th century document of operative Free Masons)

A gothic cathedral is built according to a number of geometric and symbolic principles. By following these principles, the Free Masons tried to represent the Divine Geometry here on Earth.
In their Lodges at the yards, the Master Masons studied Sacred Geometry and Hidden Knowledge, and passed it on, via initiations, to Companions who were ready to receive this knowledge.

In this lecture all the elements of my previous lectures come together: Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry and Hermetic Philosophy and the roots of the first Christianity.

Target audience:
anyone interested in history, Gothic style, Freemasonry, Templar, Sacred Geometry, Hermetic Philosophy, symbolism, esotericism.
No prior knowledge of one of these topics is required.


Duration of this lecture:
about 2 hours, afterwards the audience has the opportunity to ask questions.


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